I am really sorry about being absent for so long. I sarted a new blog with my friend, but now I decided that I would like to run this blog as well, because truth be told I missed it a lot! So now I promise to write regular posts and be more consistent!

Here are a few snapshoots from my school tip to Prague which was a fist trip with my new class, the 2nd one for me to Prague, but also the 1st one there with my new camera - and those are only few reasons that made it so special. So without further addo, here are the photographs:

 That's what I love about Prague the most, all the colours of the buildings. They make this city look so magical, even fairytale-alike.
Last time I was in Prague was before I got my new camera, so this time I tried to snap as many photographs as possible. Below you can see a really nice cafe we "discovered". Well not exacly because it was sytuated in the city centre, but when we came in it was empty and "Let it be" started playing from the speakers, which created an amazing mood.

Let me know what you think about the photographs!
Have a lovely Saturday :)

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  1. Czemu tyle nie pisałaś?! Stęskniłam się, genialne zdjęcia :) Chciałabym tam być :)


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