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I decided it would be fun to make a montly series called "Stylled Edition" in which I would write all about my favourite trends or simply YOUR favourite trends. I admire people who have their own style and who aren't afraid to play with fashion. Because people, FASHION SHOULD BE FUN - at least in my opinion :). So my main focus on this series is going to be showing lots of diffestent styles, beacause I feel like I am still seariching for the style I am comfortable with and which suits me best + I love mixing different fashion styles.

Today's post is all going to be all about finding that perfect match, but each of the templates shows how to do it in slightly different way. The fist one is featuring this amazing coat from topshop . I love it when we have a basic piece and we can style it in so many ways.

From the left - hat: Local  Heroes, sunglasses: Row, bag: Zara, Middle - headphones: Urbanears, scarf: H&M, bagpack:, Right - hat: OTTE, bucket bag: Madewell
Recently I've been totally in love with urbanears headphones. I ordered them on-line and I can truly say that they are fantastic. I still have small remerks about the sound quality, but they are minor! So here you have them in pastel versions:
Left - top: Topshop, skirt: MSGM, shoes: Converse/Middle -t-shirt:, leggings:, shoes: UGG/Right - shirt: Monki Lena, troussers: Vero Moda, shoes: Sketchers
I love the way way printed leggings look, but -what a suprise- I am not a big fan of them. Ok, so I know it sound really weird, so let me explain. I mean I don't wear them because I feel like they don't really suit my figure and two I am really against the idea of wearing leggings as troussers. It just doesn't appeal to me. Of course it's just my opinion and there are exceptions. I belive that every piece of clothing can look good if it is well styled/accessorised. There are so many cases in which I just love how the leggings were put into an outfit. Since I am really open to new challenges/experiences - I never say No :)
Left - sweater: Zoe Karssen, leggings:, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell//Middle - t-shirt:American Apparel leggings:, shoes: Timberland//Right - blazer:, blouse:, leggings: Louisia Monochrome, moccasins: Zara

That was it for today :) Hope I didn't bore you to death ;)
Let me know in the comments what are your favourite pieces to style.

Have a lovely Sunday,
xoxo Zuza

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1 komentarze

  1. Pierwsze zestawienia średnio mi się podobają, ale pastelowe to coś innego! :) Nigdy za nimi nie przepadałam, ale nie pogardziłabym tą fioletową spódniczką, albo koszulą jeansową :)
    PS Nie powinnaś przejmować się swoją figurą jeśli chodzi o noszenie legginsów. Przede wszystkim powinno się w czymś dobrze czuć, a dopiero później wyglądać! A poza tym na pewno jesteś bardzo ładna - może jakieś zdjęcia? :* Buziaki xoxo


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