sobota, 10 października 2015

A guide to all things autumnal

Hello all the lovely people reading this!
It's no secret that fall is actually my favourite season. I love drinking hot drinks, getting all bundled up in scarves, wearing coats (fun fact: in fact I do not own a single jacket in my wardrobe) and ankle booties. So today, I wanted to talk about all the things that make autumn a speacial season for me, enjoy :)

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 Those are great inwestment pieces:
○ coats
○ sweaters
○ shits/blouses
 Perfect accessories:
○ hat/beanies
○ scarves
○ ankle booties
How to spice up yor make up collection for fall:
○ red toned eyeshadows
○ dar red & berry lipsticks
○ neutral nailpolishes

What is your favouirte thing about fall?
I wish you all a lovely weekend! 
xo Susan

sobota, 26 września 2015

White collar

Hello all the lovely people reading this!

Photography credits: Justyna Chrobakiewicz
Wearing: dress - mohito, hat - stradivarius, shoes - tkmaxx, bag - a friend's

wtorek, 8 września 2015

A kimono & A Ramble

Hello all the lovely people reading this!
I am sorry for not posting fot such a long time, I had so many posts prepared for this last week, but since the first days of school were pretty hectic, I did not have the time for much anything. I am still planning to publish some of those delayed posts, so please bear with me on this one. Anyways, my last weekend was pretty boring, full of working, therefore I just cannot wait for the next one (there may or may not be a bonfire as well as a sleepover with my bestie happening and a visit to the opera!).Even the load of work that waits for me after the weekend cannot spoil my good mood. 


Wearing: jeans + kimono - mulaya, top - h&m, necklace - primark, sandals - deichmann
Photography credits: Justyna Chrobakiewicz

I wish you all a lovely second part of the week?
What are your weekend plans? 
xo Susan

sobota, 29 sierpnia 2015

Back to school style inspiration

Hello all the lovely people reading this!
Style is a mixture of many different elements and influences. And when certains styles fall into different categories such as preppy, edgy, boho and so on, people don't. You can be more than one thing, I myself for example am a huge Taylor Swift fan, whilst absolutely loving Ozzy Osbourne's music (been to the concert and stuff). So for this post I decided to try something different and create a variety of outfits resembling different styles, but here is the twist, they are not your typicall definition of given title. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


I wish you all a lovely weekend!
xo Susan