Blogmas #week1: White collar


Hello all the lovely people reading this!
I always struggle with what to write on my blog, after a particularly long break (which happens to me way too often that it probably should :)). Still struggling to find balance between all the different aspects of life - uni, friends & everything else. Frankly, lately I've been all over the place, which is so unlike me. But, I guess it is all a work in progress. Also, a big thank you to my best friend for taking the photographs, I absolutely love the autumnal feel they have.

Photography credits: Justyna Ch
Wearing: dress - mohito, sweater - peek&clopenburg, shoes - tkmaxx, scarf - new yorker

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5 komentarze

  1. <3 Ślicznie wyszły zdjęcia! Łzy i zamarznięte palce jednak na coś się zdały :)

  2. Your dress is so pretty! I love the collar! :) xx

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