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Hello all the lovely people reading this!
A quick disclaimer, before you get into the blog post - the product recommendations below are for people who have normal to dry skin. Since, this is the skin type I deal with, I feel like I might be able to give a few tips as to products and skincare :)

For autumn I changed my exfoliating face wash to a more gentle one. This Cetaphil one if perfect for those of you that have dry skin, I seriously swear by it during the colder months.

This skincare step is optional, but since my skin is often irritated from using acne creams, I like to spritz it with micelar water. This year for fall, I decided to try the Lush Tea tree water tonic. This product is very versatile, as you can use it like a normal tonic - after cleansing your skin and before applying moisturizer, or you can use it as a make up remover, which is a great bonus.

I cannot rave about this La roche posay moisturizer, that saved me during the summer months (I went through a phase when my skin was super oily and this did just the trick).  However, during fall and autumn, when my skin gets really dry, I love using the Cetaphil moisturizer. It is the second product from this brand featured in this post, but their stuff is just seriously perfect for dealing with dry skin, believe me.

I do love me my baby lips lip balms, but for autumn I need something a bit more moisturizing for my lips. The eos and burt's bees lip balms are my all time favorite lip balms. A product that I also love, which is a bit on the more pricier side, is the Nuxe lip balm.

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  1. I love seeing what skincare other people use, it's a great way to discover new products! Burts Bees are my absolute favourite lip balms, I really like the mango one x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic


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