10 things to make your day better


You know those days when you feel like everthing's just heading down, or just those normal ones when everything is fine-but-not-perfect, or the happy ones, or the middle ones... JUST ALL TYPES OF DAYS ??? Guess we all do... So let's hope this day will be the better one, the breaking one, the relieving one or just a happy one 

1. Start with simple things that make u happy; a hot bath, a fav cupcake, a fav type of sport, a fav movie, fav music. Those simple things sometimes are the best ones!
2. Change sth in your surronding. It could be a new poster, or a new vase of flowers. Doesn't have to be big.
3. Turn off your phone/ipod/ipad. Sometimes it is good to be cut off from the world, but remember that running away from your problems is never a solution.
4. Get up and go out... go on a roadtrip/on a biketip/on a walk. Just remember that somewhere out there there's a different world.
5. Do something u have never done. Doesn't have to be skydiving :) but for eg. eating sushi, singing karaoke...
6. Call people u love (yeah i know that i suggested turning off your phone before, turns out that thought it well ;)). Just hearing they voice can make u happy (at least i always feel like that)
7. Stop what you are doing ---> get up ----> and dance just express all your feelings let them out.
8. Go on a night walk (juuust not alone unless u live in a safe neighbourhood ;)). Nightlife of a city (in my case it's) can be really refreshing. Just breath in the atmosphere.
9.  Get closer to the nature... Try to be/get amazed by the beauty of the world (know i sound like a some tree huger but i don't see nothing bad in that :)).
10. SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U don't have to do all that things at one day... could be one a week or a month... just do what u feel like doing :) P.S. I do not own those pictures all of them come from tumblr.

I wish u all a great day.

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5 komentarze

  1. I literally love your blog. :-)

  2. Great ideas :)
    I'll start from the end... and smile :)
    But you're right: nature, calling friends, trying something new can really boost our happiness!

    Pozdrawiam :)

  3. These pictures are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration and advice :)


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