Summer Style #2: Vintage Swimsuits


Hello all the lovely people reading this!

Today let's take a walk down the memory lane. I alway had a thing for vintage swimsuits. I think they are really lovely.
Dzisiaj chce Was zabrać na swego rodzaju podróż w czasie. Jako, że zawsze inspirowały mnie kostiumy kąpielowe w stylu retro, postanowiłam pogrzebać trochę w internecie :)
1922 found here
Photograph from magazine "Life" at the end of the 50s

Found here
Found here
Found here
It's funny looking back on how things have changed. Now some people would kill to have a type of figure similar to the one on the left. Back in the days women just wanted to expose their curves. Now the image of beauty popularized by the models and the fashion  world is that it's better to not have curves at all. Still I think that nowadays it's better than a few years ago.

Photo found here

As you can see Taylor Swifts's style is highly influenced by the retro fashion. Below you can see a few swimsuits I found that are similar  to the ones she wore:

Swimsuits from the left: Esther Williams Swimwear, Fuschia Knit Halter Underwire 50s bikini, Seafolly Harlow
Vintage Inspired:

Vintage Inspired photo credist: Photo 1          Photo 2          Photo 3          Photo 4        

Found here
Do you like picking out swimsuits for the summer ?
What to you think about vintage swimsuits ?
Have a marvelous summer!

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  1. Swimsuits were so lovely back then! I'm glad they are making similar ish ones nowadays :) xx


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