Avon Haul + First impressions


Hello all the lovely people reading this!
Today, I am coming to you with a beauty post, which I haven't done in a while. To be honest, those are my favourite types of posts, but since they do take me a lot of time to write, they do not apper on the blog as often as I would like them to.


Make up setting spray: With this things it is always hard to tell a difference, because my skin basically eats up make up. However, with this product I have noticed a difference in the lasting of my foundation. Overall: 3/5

Blackhead Clearing Mask: I love pampering myself with different masks now and then. This one claims to be help with breakouts and dark spots. The application is great, however I haven't been using it long enough to notice a difference. Overall: 3/5

Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss: Clear lipglosses have been my summer and spring staple for a very long time. This Avon one is very long-lasting and not too shimmery, which is fine by me. Overall: 4/5

Gel strenght base coat: I am not blown away by this product, I feel like it doesn't do much of difference in terms of nailpolish application and its lasting on the nails. Overall: 2/5
Little black dress perfume: A perfect and elegan every-day scent. Big plus for the name :)
Overall: 4/5

Citrus perfume: Such a perfect fruity-citrusy scent for summer. I am already saving those for my holiday trip. Overall: 3/5

Gel Liner Pencil: When you swatch it on the hand, it has the most amazing consistency, but when you actually put it on the eyes, the story is quite different. It is so smudgy, it is quite impossible to wear. Overall: 1/5

Lip Liner: It is in the most amazing movy-pink shade. Looks great on its own. With my favourite everyday lipstick Rimmel Kate Moss in 104 they make a killer combo. Overall: 5/5

 Unfortunately I have not yet tried the rest of the products featured on the photographs, but I'll be sure to report back if I find the ones I particulary like :)

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