Blame it on a spring rain #budapestrilogy


Hello all the lovely people!

Recently I had a lovely time in Budapest. I would like to share with you 3 outfits that I wore during my trip, that is why I decided to give this series of posts name #budapestrilogy (hahaha I'm getting all creative in here). Below you can see my combination of an elegant coat with my converse, hope you like it(however my mom almost wasn't gona let me leave the hotel when she saw me wearing those shoes with the coat :))

wearing: coat - mango; sweater - second hand; jeans - H&M; necklace - primark' shoes - converse
Photo credit goes to  my best friend Justin Ch.

What do you think of mixing casual and elegant clothes?
Have an amazing day! and don't forget to smile :)
xo Susan
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2 komentarze

  1. You look amazing, I love all the photos :)

  2. Genialne zdjęcia, stylizacje są świetnie <3
    bardzo podoba mi się ten wpis!
    Budapeszt *.*


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