Sweater-weather !


Colder days are coming so i had to get all of my seaters back to my wardrobe. I'm really happy because i can't wait to wear them. I like cold days the only think i HATE is that i often get sick during autumn and winter.

The upper left: A.P.C. The lower left: MTWTFSS Weekday The middle: Acne The upper righ: Alice+Olivia Celyn The lower right: here

Wish you all a great sweater weather :)

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2 komentarze

  1. I like the green sweaters in the top photo and all of the cupcakes in the spread below. Thanks for posting the pics and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  2. Oh I loveeeee sweater!


    Yulia Rahmawati


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