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So i found a great deal of amazing blogs and i thought that i would share them with you. Every sigle one them just gives me so much positive energy, inspires me and makes me get off the couch in order to do something. Thank u for that!

I feel like i have to start with this one because it's been the first blog that have really inspired me. It's full of amazing outfits. Besides i love the way that Bonnie writes her descriptions under her outfit they're always so cheerful and optymistic. You can spot there also a great deal of vintage pieces and food pics. That makes it irresistible not to visit it at least once a week.

Actually it was this blog that had inspired me to share my fav blogs with you guys :) It's great for many reasons: 1 - amazing pictures 2 - the way Amanda visually shares her thoughts on her blog. 3 - a lot of amazing food pics. It's also very optimistic. It shows that it's good to enjoy even the little things in live because they can make us happy too.

I've discovered the blog this moringng but i'm charmed with it. I think i should probably read more post because then i would be able to tell you more about it but now i see that it's flooding with lovely ideas. It's full of photography, food and handmade thighs which is everything that i love.

 And just a thought:

Sorry that this post is not both in Polsih and English as usually but in order to improve my English i'm trying  to write as much as possible in this language. Additionaly i'm sorry about the possible mistakes but just as i said i'm learing. :) Thank you for reading. It felt actually really nice to share a piece of my inspirations/world with you guys.

Hope you're having  the most wonderful day!

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