April - the best of !


Hi there ! I posted a couple of photos i've done in April. Enjoy :)

Like always ~ Let's start with a cupcake ;*

Results of my latest shopping trip <3

After a few hours in the shopping mall it's good to finally see the sky.

This year's first ice cream - documented ! :)

This is how we started our sightseeing tour :)

I was walking along the streets and taking pics of  pastel buildings - how weird is that ? :D

Prague's Eiffel Tower :)

Black n white. It perfectly describes the similarity between me and my BFF <3

Meet Tokia. She's my best friend's dog and also the sweetest little creature in the world :)

The biggest gothic cathedral in Czech Republic.
Hope u will have a marvellous weekend!/ Życzę wam cudownego weekendu!

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4 komentarze

  1. Truly my lord it's a successful blog.

    Milord juj

  2. Sliczne zdjecia!
    Zapraszam do udzialu w miedzynarodowym ROZDANIU Z SHEINSIDE!

    Worlwide GIVEAWAY WITH SHEINSIDE !Come and win!

  3. Odpowiedzi
    1. I actually did like it a lot! It's such a beautiful city :)


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