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Hello all the lovely people reading this!

First of all I wanted to thank you for such an amazing feedback on my last post. The comments made me smile countless times. Secondly, I am sorry for not posting here as much as I'd like to this summer. I was in sort of a blogging slump, for a while it stopped being fun for me. Starting to resent it more than enjoying it, I knew that something was wrong. After taking a bit of a break, I am back and you can be sure that I am staying for good. P.S. Look out for back to school posts at the end of this week !

Wearing: dress - zara, necklace - primark

I wish you all a lovely day!
xo Susan

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8 komentarze

  1. Really pretty dress! I love the pattern :) xx

  2. Lovely dress!! I did not see it in Zara and I go very often there! :)
    Love it!!
    Would you like to follow each other in GFC, Instagram (@travelera.es), Bloglovin? Let me know to follow you! :) xxx

  3. Hello from Spain: great dress. I just discovered your blog and I like the variety of topics that you write. Fashion and beauty are my hobbies with my Barbie doll collection. Right now I have a blog dedicated to those dolls that I invite you to visit: http://all4barbie.blogspot.com.es/ If you want we keep in touch. I already made me a follower of your blog.

  4. Cudownie leży na Tobie ta sukienka! Zdjęcia bardzo mi się podobają.
    http://aldehydd.blogspot.com/2015/08/wishlist.html - JEŚLI MASZ CHWILKĘ, MOGŁABYŚ POKLIKAĆ W LINKI? TO DLA MNIE STRASZNIE WAŻNE. Z GÓRY DZIĘKUJĘ

  5. tył sukienki prześwietny :)


  6. Love the vibrant colours on the dress, prefect for the beach! :D Thanks for sharing these lovely photos Zuza, have a nice weekend!


  7. Beautifel flowers and funny curly hair :) Hope that this littke brake helped you to find inspiration for blogging ;)

    Brzydki Ptak Blog


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