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Hello all the lovely people reading this!

I apologise for the lack of recent posts, but lately my life has been very chaotic (in a good way though),  and for a controll freak like me, it wasn't easy to cope with. I also hate excuses, nertheless I wanted to explain myself. As for the outfit, it's pretty casual. I really wanted to wear my new hat with it, unfortunatey the wind had other plans. What is it with hats - they make every outfit instantly look better, but still are so impractical?
Przepraszam za brak regularnych wpisów. Ostatnio moje życie można nazwać dosyć chaotycznym (jednak w tym dobrym sensie), a jako że jestem osobą która ma manie na punkcie organizacji, było mi się dość trudno do tego przyzwyczaić. Jeżeli chodzi o strój, to jest dosyć prost. Chciałam założyć do niego nowy kapelusz, niestety wiatr miał inne plany. Jak to jest, że dobrze dobrane nakrycie głowy może całkowicie zmienić stylizację, jednak większość z nich jest tak niepraktyczna?
Just realised that this looks like I am pointing my middle finger(lol), hahah I wasn't. In fact in my whole life I don't think I every pointed 'that' finger at sb. My friends can confirm ! :D
Wearing: top + scarf - h&m, jeans + rings - primark, coat - mint&berry, shoes - converse
Photography credits: Karolina Staszczyk

I wish you all a great end of the week!

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7 komentarze

  1. Hahah i know exactly what you mean about hats. It sure is a pity.
    Nice look! I think the way you edit your photos is really nice as well, the lightning is good!

  2. Very cool and comfy outfit! x
    Rona from threepinkcats

  3. Your blog is just so awesome and beautiful! I like this post and you make a great job!
    I’ll return later to see a new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. This really does mean a lot to me :)

  4. Love your jacket and of course your converse!! Always good ..

    Much Love, Jennifer


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