January Favourites


Hello all the lovely people reading this! In this post I would like to share with you some things I have been loving during the mont January. These will insclude beauty faves as well as some random ones, enjoy :)

This ciate nailpolish is amazing. During the day light it is this vibrant pink colour, whereas indoors it looks more like a slightly peachy colour. This colour is called ''kiss chase'', how cute? :)
Another thing that I have been loving is this Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. I know, I know, probaby everyone except for me has heard about it before, but now that I have discovered it I carry it around with me everywhere.
You may belive it or not, but it is really hard to buy small marshmallows in my country. That is why when I finally spotted those M&S Marshmallows I could not pass the opportunity. They taste like heaven!
I bought this Bath&Body Works candle on sale. It is the heirbloom pear scent, it smell so fresh that it makes me think of spring each time I light it! Side note: how lovely is this jar? I sure will be making use of it after the candle has burnt out.
This is my new phone case. Ok,ok I have to admitt it I have a slight obsession that may or may not have to do with phone cases :)

Anyways, half of my winter break is gone, so I am planning of using the reast of it to the fullest - skiing, skating and eating my whole fridge out :D Hope u are having a wonderful weekend ! "See" you next week :)

 What are your January favourites?
xo Susan

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