Peplum at suset #budapestrilogy


Hello all the lovely people reading this!
Sorry for not writing for such a long time, but the last week has been crazy. I don't even remeber having hardly any time to sit down, it was a constat run. But I guess we all have those sort of times :) Today I finaly had some time for myself and it was so lovely. Getting through next 2 weeks will be very hard, but I guess just have to grit my teeth and survive. :) Below is the last one from #budapest trilogy

wearing: top + jeans - h&m, cardigan - cubus, shoes - converse, collar - i am
All the photo credit goes to my best friend Justin Ch.

Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday!
Chceck out also #budapestrilogy Part 1 and Part 2
 xo Susan

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