A guide to all things autumnal


Hello all the lovely people reading this!
It's no secret that fall is actually my favourite season. I love drinking hot drinks, getting all bundled up in scarves, wearing coats (fun fact: in fact I do not own a single jacket in my wardrobe) and ankle booties. So today, I wanted to talk about all the things that make autumn a speacial season for me, enjoy :)

photograph via weheartit.com

 Those are great inwestment pieces:
○ coats
○ sweaters
○ shits/blouses
 Perfect accessories:
○ hat/beanies
○ scarves
○ ankle booties
How to spice up yor make up collection for fall:
○ red toned eyeshadows
○ dar red & berry lipsticks
○ neutral nailpolishes

What is your favouirte thing about fall?
I wish you all a lovely weekend! 
xo Susan

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  1. I am so excited for fall! Love these


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